really it’s all about the pagans

Now I have got my head round what it is I intend to do for my fmp and done a bit of research, it is really about ancient rituals that celebrate the passing of the seasons. Tsk….there was me thinking it was about fashion – it’s Lord of the Rings!

A quick trawl round google found some fascinting information about the easter bunny (German invention) and how christianity and paganism has got all mixed up together over the years (hope that doesn’t offend anyone!).

I have a whole weekend of shooting planned, the weather forecast isn’t being particularly kind to me so I have decided to take control of the situation and bring the outside in. Literally. I have some large branches cut from some dead trees and I am going to do a studio shoot with them this weekend. I have borrowed a lighting kit and huge softbox from college so it will be a weekend of experimentation.

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