spring shoot

Well, did the shoot. 

The model, Ashley turned up very late having got seriously lost.  She had also decided to get all all painted up, toes, nails, face, the lot. Not only that he had brought PILES of clothes to wear.  I thought I had been very specific when I told her what to bring, she obviously had different ideas!!

Showed her some pics, that had a look similar to what I was after, they were in a book by David Hamilton so I had to be  bit careful about which pages she saw – or she may have got completely the wrong idea and bolted!

I don’t think she was totally impressed when I removed all the nail varnish and most of her make up, neither was she impressed when I gave her the dress to wear – I’m still not sure we were singing from the same hymn sheet.

Went to the appointed spot to get the shots – got attacked by a cockerel!

It was really windy so we used the big white umbrella as a windbreak.

Model keeps giving me cheesy grins and sticking her chest out.  WHAT IS IT WITH THESE GIRLS!!!!!!   Oh, and lose the chewing gum!

Got some nice pics but she didn’t like the reflector as it threw light in to her eyes so she scowled a lot.  

I have to remember she is a first time model and doesn’t know what is expected.

Got back and downloaded the pics which she insisted on seeing and then clearly didn’t like.

I feel guilty for a while but the more I think about it I get annoyed because actually it wasn’t about how she wanted to look, it was about how I wanted her to look!!!!!!!   

I even promised her another shoot because she was disappointed!   Again.

 IT WASN”T ABOUT HER!!  Everything was fully explained so where’s the problem.

ANYWAY……………rant over!

I got the pic I wanted – I think. I will await  feedback from Richard. 

 What do you think?


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