monday morning shoot

Well, got up at 7.30 to start lugging lumps of dead tree into the studio in preparation for today’s shoot with my ‘winter’ model. Actually I have two models coming today – and anther one up my sleeve if I need her.

The weather is overcast like I wanted it to be but not a breath of wind so we probably won’t be shooting outside unless I can get volunteers to waft their arms about and create the wind!!  Maybe not.

The studio set up worked first time, I have done my test shots, using the step ladders as a stand in model, and it all looks ok so far.

I used honeycombs on the lights to keep it all very directional and there is a snoot on the model’s light because I want her to be in a small pool of light, the end result should be really low key, very gloomy.

The reason I want it like this is because I want to signify the fact that unlike today when we all have central heating and ample supplies of food and clothing, in the past the winter was a killer. When it came it was severe and lasted a long time.

Tricky to try and get all of this across in one pic, hope it works.  The model I have  is an ex professional model and when I explained to her what I wanted to do she grasped the concept straight away. I am really looking forward to this shoot.

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