what a great day!!!

Did 2 shoots today with two differentmodels for ‘winter’. Both models did really well. I fully explained what I was after.

The fact that in t’olden days people used to die when it was winter – food and fuel was in short supply – unlike these days when we have an abundance of everything- winter was a time to be feared. will post pics later when I have sorted through them.


2 thoughts on “what a great day!!!”

  1. Hi LesleyThought I had better comment on the most recent post because Jane commented on one of my older ones and I didn’t see it for a while.Anyway this is a diversion from answering work emails and Ive been thinking about spring because I thought you had nailed winter and autumn but …Anyway mythology etc. isn’t spring about Maypoles Fecundity Sex etc not sweetness and innocence. The kitten and lamb thing might be a Christian tidying up I’m sure but a google on fertility rites might open up new pastures.Feel free to delete

  2. Hi BobYes, I have been doing loads of research on thr rites of spring, paganism, symblism etc. I know what you are saying but I want to work from the sweet, young angle with symbolic elements in it – not an all out orgy!!!

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