day out in Leyland

Danielle helping grandad with the gardening

We went for a ride out today, we had to deliver the pics of the rock band and decided that as it wasn’t actually raining we would go to Worden Park for a walk.

On the way I noticed that the heather has started to flower on the hils around home so I did the lazy photographers thing and leant out of the car window to take a pic of it. Tut tut.

Darwen Tower from Cranberry Lane

Worden Park is really nice – the world and his dog was there today so after a bit of fun on the car park, where Bob managed to park a people carrier in a space big enough for a bike, we walked through to the craft centre.

Worden Park Craft Centre Garden

There was what looked like an art gallery so we went in for a look teeheehee.
The had watercolour workshops on and for a quid a go you could paint a postcard. The chap in the ridiculously quiet room pounced on us like we were the prodigal son(s). There was no way we were going to be allowed to leave until we painted a card – I of course was right up for it but Bob was a bit more reticent. Eventually he conceded defeat and we sat at the table with a paper plate dotted with primary colours for us to create our masterpieces. After we had started the chap did admit that the workshop was really for children – sad that our finished artwork didn’t stand out from the others!!!
Bob got right into the groove!! I was almost dragging him away.
After that we went round the park, Bob wanted to go on the mini railway, I had to draw the line at that – doing a childrens painting workshop was one thing but sitting on the choochoo with a bunch of four year olds ( and you can see a very fed up looking teenager) was just going too far!!

This afternoon the parents of one of last weeks wedding couples came to see us. They liked us so much that they want to book us for their own wedding next year. YAY!! That is the first wedding we have got as a direct result of a wedding we have done (does that make sense? It does in my head).


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