I’m H.A.P.P.Y I know I am, I’m sure I am, I’m H.A P.P.Y

Oh happy day……….The builders have started work!!!!!!

Just let one of ’em complain about the cold and I’ll go straight for their jugular, seeing as how they should have been here months ago. We now have no roof at all on that part of the house, I hope they get it back on before it either rains or they get distracted and bugger off for another three months to another job! I don’t think I’ll relax till it’s finished.

I’ve got a glut of pictures for you today – I think I’m turning into a happy snapper, all the pics are taken on the compact.

My sister was due to visit from Nottingham on Tuesday, she phoned lateish in the day to say she wasn’t coming because of the snow. Then she phoned me yesterday and I told her about the freezing fog and threatened snow. The freezing fog had cleared up by lunchtime, the snow didn’t arrive and neither did my sister, no walking in the Lake District for us, then.

Messing about with the camera yesterday, I have obviously changed a peculiar setting somehow and now all the photos have this attractive purple tint, didn’t notice it till I downloaded them so no chance of a reshoot. This is the view towards Darwen Tower, good view, eh?

It is my first born’s birthday today, aaah bless him, I’m trying not to think how old he is because it makes me feel really, really old. I popped into the office earlier and caught him and Carla both working hard – bidding on ebay! It’s like a flipping holiday camp in that office.

Paul looking cheery at work.

Here is a picture of Bob in his cage at work.

The pictures below are from the walk in Witton Park with the girls the other day. During the trip I was brainwashing them as usual and teaching them songs that they would never hear otherwise, they are now both Lonnie Donegan aficionados. Hehe. Next I’m going to teach them ‘In These Old Lavender Trousers’, a song my Mum used to sing to us when we were kids. Here they are hugging a tree. Olivia got soaked because she jumped in a HUGE puddle, she asked me if she could roll in it, I can’t imagine her mum would have been thrilled if I’d taken her back soaking wet and filthy. Bob probably wouldn’t have been too thrilled either – we were in his car!

I would have liked to photograph these mushrooms properly but I only had the compact with me. I do quite like the effect though, a tweak of the blacks and contrast in Lightroom and it’s quite halloween looking. Liv and Danni thought they had found a fairy grotto.

The Lily pond in the Park, aahh, fond memories.


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