snow, snow, snow

It snowed on Thursday night, and it all drifted, I was up to my knees in the stuff when I tried to let the hens out! Shame it started to rain so quickly after the snowfall, not much opportunity for John Chang McCurdy style photgraphy.

The cars are well and truly stuck, Having spent a good half hour trying to get a car through the snowdrifts, here’s Bob setting off on the long walk to work, he could have done to take some spare socks and a change of shoes with him, he was soaked and freezing when he finally arrived. On arrival at work he discovered a 40 foot lorry skating around on the frozen car park. Dangerous, much, an out of control artic! His excellent start to the day carried on in the same vein all day long. Poor Bob.

When I opened the curtains I was a bit surprised to see this:

I’m getting bored with it now: playing happpy families for a day is fine when we can’t get out but now I’m fed up with it – it’s not even as though its pretty snow now, it’s all turned to slushy ice, enough to stop us getting out but not enough to play in.

Ok, this isn’t a picture of the snow, it’s Eleanor helping me do my emails while Carla went for a bath. Hand held, 1/15th sec, no flash. Not too bad ( ok I know, not too good either!)


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