A lovely long walk in the woods

My sister, Sue finally managed to make it up for the weekend from her home in Nottingham – or Walsall- depending on which part of the week it is.
After sharing a hot and spicy mulled wine or two last night we set off for a lovely long walk this morning with slightly woozy heads – honestly we are such lightweight drinkers, obviously in need of much more practice. The track has frozen solid so it was more than a bit tricky trying to navigate our way past the ice slick ( is there such a thing?) On the way up I spotted this bit of ice that I thought was really sweet.
Sue decided to throw herself onto the ground in thick snow to make a snow angel and landed with a thud because as deep as it was it was frozen solid, I was going to take a picture of it for you but she hardly made a dent in the snow (she’s a lot skinnier than me – I’d have dented it for certain!)

Sue looking perplexed (not to mention a little red faced) because her snow angel didn’t work.

We got completely lost in the wooods because we could see where the footpaths were, it was a bit like being in Narnia, I imagine. I can only imagine because I’ve never actually been to Narnia but I keep taking a look in the back of the wardrobe just in case an opportunity presents itself. We ended up at one point scrambling up steep hillsides to get to where we knew we needed to be but couldn’t work out how to get there, there was huge potential for one or both of us to get hurt but hey ho here we are alive to tell the tale. If I hadn’t stupidly booked an appointment for 11.00 we would have been ok.

Sue in the woods

After we finished our walk I had to dash to get changed to meet my client. It was already 10.45. As I was freezing I decided to jump in the shower to warm up MAJOR MISTAKE!!!! OWIE!!! It really tingled, is that how you get chilblains?? I wouldn’t mind but my poor backside was still freezing after (too much info, I know).

After almost two hours with my client we had managed to pick her album photos and I came away with a massive order for reprints. Yay! There was a massive order for reprints on my email as well this morning and guess what? Everyone wants them for Christmas. Better get cracking then. I seem to have cured my printer issues of the last few days so I can get started again. My new mac has arrived and I can’t wait to get everything on there instead of juggling (not literally) two computers.

More pics from this weekend on my Flickr page if you have absolutely nothing better to do, the link is on the left.


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