Christmas Day

Kestrel came for a look

We’ve got an hour before we need to be at the restaurant for lunch, Bob’s asleep on the settee and C, O & E are all watching a video in the other room so I thought I’d take a few minutes to wish you a Merry Christmas.
It’s been a busy old day up to now, we started our day opening presents before taking Neil to work for 10.00. Father Christmas has been very generous this year, surpirisingly enough because we all said we were keeping a lid on the spending this year. I got a jar of extra strong anti wrinkle cream from Bob – I wonder what he’s trying to say? He redeemed himself though with the amazing boots he gave me as well. I’ll have to buy LOADS of new outfits to go with them now!! hehe.
Oooh look, another bottle. hic.

Dandini intent on opening her present
Carla admiring her gnashers while Mr Stay Puft paddles in Oli’s beer
Another Barbie with packaging that took 20 minutes to remove
Liv surrounded by debris
After that we went to P & G’s for more pressies and Bucks Fizz. It was chaos there, the kids were all over excited, I can see tears later. We left just as G’s Mum & Dad turned up so we waved to each other as we went past in the car on our way to Margo & Stuarts.

What a hoot it was there!! Lots of silliness ensued as we opened out gifts to each other and drank yet more sparkly wine. I was staring to get a bit rosy cheeked by this time. Their gift to me was ‘Wally Ball, the wacky hip thrusting game of skill’ the idea is to attach the basketball net around your waist and thrutch your hip so that the attached ball goes in the net! That caused great hilarity! What a shame I haven’t got a video of it to show you. (Phew!)

Anyway, time to go. Have a fab Christmas – hope you have as much fun as us!


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