The times they are a-changing

Oliver looking bemused. Actually, Eleanor pulls this face quite often.

These are a couple of pictures from the restaurant on Christmas Day, starving hungry we didn’t dare touch our wine, we would have got very giddy very quickly!
We’ve spent most of today trolling around B & Q and the Range getting curtain poles and other sundry ‘can’t think what you need till you need it’ items for Carla & Oliver’s new house. She still isn’t very happy about leaving here- we’ve obviously made her far too comfortable over the last 20 years or so. Every time she thinks about leaving she bursts into tears!!
Tomorrow we’ll be moving in the big furniture amd putting curtains up, after that she won’t be able to find any more excuses not to go. I really feel for her – she is terrified at the prospect being completely independent. Hell, I couldn’t wait to leave home as a teenager!! I imagine that after a couple of weeks she’ll get to enjoy it ( fingers crossed).
Eleanor is getting to be really funny, when she sits on my knee she manages to hold her head up most of the time, I can see her thinking, ‘ha, I’ve cracked this wobbly head business’ then down it goes again and makes her jump, hehe. She’s growing like a weed and really loves to have a bath. When she’s taken out of it she lets out one really shrill squeal just to register her discontent. Carla started to put her in the bath with her in the evening but after having her bath poo’d in for three nights running she gave up on that idea. Can’t say I blame her.
Yesterday Bob and me went for a lovely long walk in Sunnyhhurst Woods, we decided to walk in the valley where the bandstand and pond is because it wouldn’t be windy there. As the walk progressed we climbed higher and higher and eventually ended up at the reservoir and it was blowing a gale and bitterly cold. So cold in fact it reminded me of when we were in Poland two years ago. It was pretty though and it certainly cleared the cobwebs away.

The reservoir. It doesn’t look like it was FREEZING, does it?

Just walking down from the reservoir we saw this little plaque tucked away under a fence.

Glad I wasn’t sat on this bench when the tree fell down!

Sick of rich food I’ve had a request to make egg and chips for tonights meal. Happy to oblige. The hens can have the last of the leftovers, we didn’t have a turkey this year, instead we got joints of pork and beef, but you get just as sick of it after a couple of days. I’ve discovered that, just like kids, the hens won’t eat sprouts. Fussy sods, now they’re laying again though I can forgive them a bit more.

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