well fancy that!

OK. I was going to put this pictures at the bottom of this post where they would make more sense but blogger won’t let me move them today. Ho hum. Enjoy

        This is Eleanor in her favoured sleep position. Makes my joints ache just looking at her!

              Don’t know what to call this one really. Suggestions on a postcard, please
The view from my patio door this morning, the neighbours think I’m nuts, wandering round in my dressing gown taking pictures. 
                     I’ll call this something original like er, frosty tree or winter scene
Here is our ghost tree looking particularly ghostly today, if it was foggy as well the effect would be complete.
Mammoth blog starts…. here:
What a great night New Years Eve turned out to be!!

 I was secretly dreading it as in my experience, even from being a child,  all the build up and hype of New Year has usually ended up either in disappointment or in tears ( ooh, get me, Mrs Cynical!) I’ve always preferred Christmas which I perceive to be a much gentler celebration. The fact that our dear friends weren’t able to join for the evening was looking to make a very soggy evening all round. WRONG!!!!
P & G turned up with the kids who were absolutely delightful. We had promised them a karaoke and a karaoke they got. They entertained us no end. I thought Olivia was going to split her sides laughing at her and my rendition of ‘goodness gracious me’  Her ‘boom boody booms’ were hysterical, I didn’t know she could do an Indian accent!  The baby, far from being disturbed by the noise, sat smiling at everyone all night clearly enjoying herself.  We even found a few fireworks left over from last years (2007) bonfire party so we had our own little firework display. Paul wasn’t feeling well and so they didn’t intend to stay for too long but it was still well after 10pm when they left. Time for us to nip up to our neighbour’s house and join their party.
The temperature was -5 last night so although it’s only a short walk we decided it was better to go in the car because of the baby.   The party was dire – but still fun in a bizarre kind of way. It consisted of young teen kids in one room sneaking the odd alcopop and pensioners in the other room sipping tea. We stayed and chatted for an hour or so and made the most of the amazing buffet that they’d prepared. One thing about farmers – they never skimp on the food. Lovely!
We made our way home in good time to enjoy the New Year fireworks from the hot tub.  What a great plan!  Obviously C & O couldn’t join us because of the baby so Bob and me went out on our own.  Enjoy the fireworks? Ha!  
What can I say about the fireworks?  The were very noisy,  in fact the noise was incredible and it went on and on. I’d love to say they were beautiful but I can’t. A pea soup fog landed over the town and we hardly saw a thing!! Occasionally an exceptionally bright firework lit up the clouds for a moment making it look like coloured sheet lighting.  Other than that it was a sound show.  What was really strange was that directly above us the sky was as clear as anything, the stars were beautiful so we sat and watched them instead. Very romantic.
What wasn’t quite so romantic was getting out of the tub again, the cold wasn’t an issue, in fact I’d spent a fair part of the time sitting on the edge of the tub as I was so hot. What was an issue was the fact that our flip flops had frozen to the step as had our towels and robes and the water that had splashed over the edge had all frozen as well so it was a less than elegant affair getting out the tub and down the steps without breaking our necks.  I bet it was funny to watch though!
We chatted with C & O till about 1.30 before we  went to bed, tired but happy, as Enid Blyton would say.  What a brilliant night, actually one of the best New Years we’ve had.  I woke up and heard the baby squeak at one point so I went downstairs in case C needed any help.  Clearly not, they were still up watching a film and this was at 6.00 a.m!! 
In my opinion someone should invent a new name for hoar frost. It caused great hilarity last night when I said I planned to go out and photograph the hoar this morning!

One thought on “well fancy that!”

  1. You could have been stuck in the hot tub for days! Or at least until everybody got hungry! LOVED the photos, Happy New Year, Janet XXXX

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