More pics

Blogger won’t let me publish them all at once so I’ll do them in batches.

We saw this industrial estate from the motorway. I made Bob drive round for ages to find a suitable vantage point to photograph it. Poor old Bob suffers such a lot for my art!! We ended up in a golf club car park, getting some very odd looks. I only had the compact camera with me and I had to use a tree to try and steady while I took the shot. The trouble with trees is that they’re all round and knobbly – rubbish for steadying cameras on. It could have been a really good shot with a decent camera, a tripod, and a bit of time. As it was I snatched a couple of shots and then we scuttled away before security came out to see what we were doing.

This was a similar situation at the forth road bridge. I couldn’t get a decent view so we parked up and walked in the pouring rain to get this shot. Not worth the effort. I really must take a decent camera with me on these trips. The light was amazing, very dramatic, it doesn’t do it justice here.

On the way back over the forth road bridge Bob got a bit peckish – so he decided to eat it!

We spotted this mini art gallery in Edinburgh. It was covered in fantastic grafitti, I’ll post a couple more pics of it later.

On the way home the weather took a turn for the worse, making for a long and tiring journey. The snow ploughs were out in force. I was surprised to find that there had been even more snow at home – and not a snow plough or gritter to be seen!


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