a few piccies for you

Here are a few pictures from C’s 21st birthday. I must say she was very restrained when it came to opening her presents, she waited until the break between the main course and dessert. 

Danielle making eyes at us with the feathers I used to decorate the presents. Or maybe it’s a big, red, hairy moustache, either way it kept here amused for… ooh… seconds.

Olivia trying to gift wrap herself.
Carla showing off the pictures that she got for her birthday. She asked me for them ages ago and has been asking me every few days ever since if we were going to get them for her. Little does she know I’ve had them in the house for about 6 weeks.
It’s pressie time!  She got thoroughly spoilt and ended up with a huge pile of gifts, including a jar of her favourite onion chutney.  
Just behind her left arm you can see the card that I made for her.  I found this pink/lime green psychedelic paper in a shop and I knew she’d love it so I had to  buy some lime green/white polka dot ribbon and some pink fabric gerberas  to go with it and assembled it all onto a lovely pink metallic card – it was all completely taste free but I knew she’d like it! The comment was made that it was a very subdued  card for one I’d made – until she opened it and it was a riot of gerberas inside. 

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