it’s murder here!

As promised, here are the pics from our murder mystery dinner party. As normal, we laughed a lot and it all got very silly, just the way I like it! Here’s the pre dinner photo.  I’m the one with the disgusting golf sweater and make shift plus fours in the middle. It took a trawl round all the local charity shops to get them.  Why do I never get the glamourous roles to play??

The kids looking less than excited, mind you they were supposed to be watching a dvd in the other room but kept being drawn into the dining room by all the noise.

G (sans blonde wig) thinking, “what the hell am I meant to be doing – someone just tell me, please.”
O wearing G’s wig. It did prove to be quite popular this wig. Hannah Montana has a lot to answer for!

Heh, heh, pick a carrrrrdd!

 E didn’t appear to be totally impressed by the food on offer, ” have you not got a nice bottle of milk I can have instead?”

P again, what’s going on here, I can only begin to imagine.

What a funny evening. We started off with canapes and cocktails ( and there’s another story!)  The game itself was a bit pants, very difficult to follow, in the end we hardly bothered with the game at all and just chatted. It turned out that I was the murderer!!  Not that I was in a fit state to have murdered anyone. C & O didn’t like their cocktails so guess who ended up drinking them? Guess who ended up more than a little tiddly. In front of the kids as well, Disgraceful!  If the kids had got into that sorry state I’d have had a lot to say about it!!!!    Ah well, if you can’t get a bit (lot) squiffy at your own birthday party, when can you? Amazingly I don’t seem to have suffered any after effects, didn’t drink wine, you see.

The menu had mixed reviews, I think in future I’ll just serve mezze and canapes all night. The beef and beer stew was good but the queen of puddings was a bit of a flop, the bits of lemon zest were referred to  as toenails. Shame really as I’d had to make some of it twice. I’d managed to burn the meringue first time round so had to re do it. It’s a good job the hens are in fine form as I was practically waiting for the eggs to appear from them!  Then it turns out that P doesn’t like sweet potato ( what’s not to like?). Ah well, I was too merry to notice.
G made the mistake of having a scoop of chocolate the day before and was threatening to start with a major migraine. Copious amounts of drugs were just about managing to keep it all at bay. Shame though as she wasn’t really herself and was ready to leave as soon as the game finished.  I toddled off to bed and got up this morning to find that the kitchen fairies had been during the night and cleaned up most of the mess ( as much as they could fit in the dishwasher as kitchen fairies never hand wash anything). That was nice, I was dreading walking into the kitchen this morning. 
I think it’ll be  a nice lazy day round the house today. 

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