It’s a hap hap happy day….

Here are a couple of pics of one of our cats, java. He looked so handsome with the sun lighting his hair – just like an advert for shampoo!

He looks a bit scratty in this photo because he’s moulting and he gets a knots which I end up having to cut out because they’re too big to brush out.

OK, it’s quite a big consolation prize for getting older, having all the attention and fuss.  Today has been one of the nicest birthdays I’ve had for a long time. All day long people have been texting, phoning and blogging me to say happy birthday. Even a few totally unexpected people like C’s ex!!! I’ve had tons of pressies. The prize for the oddest but sweetest gift goes to my friend Jill for these two Japanese figures made out of paper. Aren’t they cute?

This morning I got loads done on my college assignment, it’s fair to say that it’s all over now bar the shouting. I was even smart enough to do the referencing as I went along so all I have to do now is tidy it up, proof read it and maybe find a couple more references to put in. Oh happy day…..  and still two weeks to the submission date. The trick now is to keep my hands off it and not start altering stuff. I did that last year with my dissertation and it seemed to go on for ever.

This afternoon me and C went for a walk into town and to take little E for her second set of injections (don’t start me off on vaccinations!!!) as before, I was the one who had to hold the baby while the deed was done but this time she only cried for about two seconds and then sat smiling at the nurses who’d just stuck needles in her. That’s one tough baby!   
We went for a posh coffee and it was nice enough to be able to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. First time this year.  Ok, it’ll never be the south of France but it was still very nice.  On the way back to C’s we bumped into my oldest (hhm bad choice of words – she’s two weeks younger than me) friend who had just walked from her home to our factory to make sure that I got my birthday card and presents (yes, plural. Aren’t I just the spoilt brat!) today. Tomorrow we’re going to her house for the first bbq of the year. I’ve decided I quite like birthdays after all.
Work in progress:
By the time I’d thought about taking a few snaps of C’s old room before I got rid of the psychedelia it was too late – I’d already done it. Here is the work in progress, you can still see the beautifully clashing colours she had on the walls – it’s a wonder she ever got a good nights sleep in such a vibrant room.  The first pic is where I’ve painted out the giant fairy that she painted on the wall, you can just about see it. 

Tasteful, eh?

Bob’s just come home from work so I casually mentioned to him about the SIZE 16 jumper he bought me. He said he thought he’d play it safe and get the bigger size. I’d say he’s playing it anything but safe!! Then he told me it was only a cheap one. Oh, Bobby, stop digging love, you’re way deep enough already!  It’s a good job I have such a sunny disposition.
I went into my coat pocket this afternoon and ended up showering the floor of the shop I was in with sawdust. I didn’t half feel stupid. The trouble is that I pull my coat on when I go to collect the eggs and then I drop the eggs into  my  pocket while I walk back up to the house.  Of course the wood shavings that were clinging to the egg are now all over my  pocket – or on the shop floor as it happens.


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