more from the weekend

Here is the new version of C’s bedroom.  It’s now an oasis of calm and tranquility. Neil gave me an oil burner and some lovely oil for  my birthday so I’ve put it in this room and now it smells gorgeous as well. C is totally unimpressed with it all, even though she did grudgingly admit that it looks nice.  Today I went to out local carpet shop to pick up a remnant so I can get rid of the manky carpet with unidentified teenager type stains on it.  Bob’s sister is staying in here at the weekend so it’ll all be done before then.  The set of three pics with flowers on them are really pretty, and a proper bargain. They were only £6.99 each at Dunelm Mill, ok so they aren’t original Picasso’s  but it looks nice and feminine.

Here are a few more pictures from the weekend. These were taken at Chatsworth House. We didn’t get to go in the house because we ran out of time but we’re going to make a special trip back for it as it’s lovely ( and a good excuse for another weekend away).  I loved this tree, It looked like a giant bonsai.
The shadows were very pretty. As these photos were taken I was getting some very odd looks from the other tourists.  
Here’s my favourite tree again, it was so peaceful by the river,as long as one ignored the hundreds of other people enjoying the peace and quiet.  I may have done a teeny bit of photoshopping on these.
Bob and me were siting on a tree stump having a coffee when this little chap came and sat with us, obviously hoping for a crumb or two. No chance of that I’m afraid. Lesley and her food are not easily parted!!
More later……

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