So, there was this 6ft tiger walking up the street waving to me

It’s been a funny old day. It stared off at 6.30 this morning when I woke up and realised that I’d forgotten to alter the bedside clock to British Summertime. Of course it’s impossible to go back to sleep then in case you sleep too long so I got up and set off for college dead early. Early enough in fact to see a car embedded in a tree as I drove through Eccleshill. The car was exactly across the road, it was impossible to say if it had been going up or down the hill when it hit the tree. There was no sign of a driver or passengers and the hazard lights were on so I assumed they’d gone to get help. It did cross my mind that they may be lying dead in the footwell but then I suppose they wouldn’t have had the presence of mind to put the hazards on (hopes).
When I got to college I found  myself surplus to requirements today so I caught up on a few jobs in town before heading home.  On my way home I saw a cat following a man. The man kept turning round and looking at it worriedly as if he thought it might get lost or something. Then,  I saw two other cats hiding under a car watching the first cat and the man – it looked for all the world like they were going to ambush him- or  they were spying on him, if they were spies it was a damn good disguise!
Yesterday’s naming ceremony was wonderful. The sun shone all day – today the weather is back to it’s miserable self. The service was fantastic, apart from the bit where Denise, the minister, right out of the blue said, “Lesley is going to say a few words”  WHAT????  I need notice for that kind of thing!!!! Anyway, I got to my feet and for the first time in my life I couldn’t find anything to say – I just stood there and blubbed like a baby.  God!!!!  Talk about being wrong footed.  I felt like such a dweeb!
This is Denise , the minister who conducted the ceremony, she’s lovely!!  She conducted my mum’s funeral service as well and she remembered us when we went in and gave us a huge hug. Even O’s mum and dad were moved by the service – which was a relief as they had been very negative about it all. I think they thought Denise’s head was going to start spinning round and that she’d be spraying vomit on everyone and screaming in tongues.  They’ve never been in a spiritualist church before. As it was it was all very peaceful, no toffee crisp wrappers floating from the ceiling, no apparitions, no spinning heads or anything!!  At the end of it they even said how lovely it was!!! RESULT!!!! FINALLY!!! YAAAAYYY!! (Does the happy dance all round the room!!!)

Me and my Bobby (right) with O’s mum and dad

In a naming ceremony, the godparents (in this case Aunty Gem and Uncle Paul) light candles for the baby and all the guests file past after and shower the baby with love and kisses and then give her a flower. This is Bob’s sister presenting E with her flower. It took a while as all the guests greet the baby as there were sixty of us!! Carla’s arms were nearly dropping off at the end of that part.  It all looks very peaceful here but actually there were people everywhere and it was all buzzy and lovely, the atmosphere was brilliant. People who didn’t know each other were all talking and enjoying the service. They even tried their best to join in with hymns they didn’t know –  but have to confess that  I did get the giggles when I could hear one person singing away to  their own tune ( whatever floats your boat, baby!!)

Back at C & O’s house it took no time at all for the celebrations to get into full swing.  Everyone seemed to have a lovely time and made the most of the sunshine.  After about an hour I noticed that my little bro hadn’t turned up, no one had heard from him even though he had said he would definitely be coming. Typical Russ, forgot. Here’s me and my big bro:

Then it all got a bit silly, it was really nice to see C with all her old friends, ‘specially Ben (far right), also know as nipple boy, and Dexter ( far left).

The picture below is my favourite one of the day, poor Ellie really looks like she’s had enough, she’s been very obliging as she was passed around from pillar to post all day but by early evening she was clearly getting fed up with it all and wanted a bit of peace.

As promised, here are a couple of pics of Eleanor’s bedroom.  It was quite the tourist attraction yesterday, hordes of people stomped up and down stairs all day going for a look at C’s handiwork.

This is the card I made for Eleanor, I need all the practice I can get because I’ve been informed that I’m making the wedding invitations and the table and seating plans. I might have to learn how to cut in a straight line!


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