it’s my lens, baby

After my friend left yesterday evening, the sun came out to play for a few minutes so I decided to go out and play with it. The lensbaby came with me and we had a very jolly half hour of shooting in the garden. The lensbaby created some really nice effects but especially so when I was shooting directly into the sun, it looks like it was raining sunshine.

These next two are of a piece of wood that I’ve left to rot in the garden, as time goes on it becomes more and more photogenic. I love the bluish spots on the side of the first pic.

The sun didn’t come out for long but when it did, the light was gorgeous.
This is one of the pics from the same shoot that I tinkered about with last night when I’d run out of other things to do.

And here re the hens enjoying the evening sun.  Stumpy bit me last night – and it didn’t half hurt, I can tell you.  Have they no survival instinct? Biting the hand that feeds you seems like a really bad idea if you’re a large, plump chicken!

Neil made a a ‘manwich’ last night, I don’t want to know the calorie content of it but it was certainly tasty.  There was, salami, smoked chicken and pastrami on it as well as cheese and onion sandwich spread and and and………..  I won’t be having too many of those, I could feel my arteries clogging even as I ate it!  Yum!!

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