walks, gloop and ghostly happenings

This morning C & me  decided to go for a walk in the park as it was a nice, albeit blustery day. Gemma, kids and dog decided to join us so it ended up with a  whole posse of us.   C decided to try and climb this tree by the river  – and failed miserably.  It made a nice picture, though.

I’d made a couple of comments about how nice the light was and how pretty the trees were looking, as well as taking a few photos here and there. I’m not totally sure but I think C may be taking the mickey out of me here?  I don’t look like that when I take photos do I?  Well, actually, yes.  It was pointed out to me that I’m always on the ground and usually end up with dirty knees and backside when I’m out on a walk. 

Here’s P & G’s dog, Twitchy,  who managed to stay still just long enough for me to get a decent pic of her. Poor thing is really nervous and at one point this huge dog came bounding up to her and chased her round in circles at breakneck speed.  Twitchy tried her best to get away but the other dog wouldn’t relent. Everywhere Twitchy went the other dog went too. Eventually the other dogs owner threw himself into it’s path, it came to  a halt with a resounding crack as it’s jaw hit his knee at speed. At this point Twitchy was about to throw up with all of the exertion. So funny to watch but I did feel sorry for her.
There’s a really nice lily pond in the park and we went to look for the squirrels, the trouble is we were making so much noise that there wouldn’t have been a squirrel within a five mile radius as they all hear us coming about 10 minutes before we arrived.  A silly five minutes followed.

Liv, Danni and Carla pretending to be monkeys.

P & G have bought the baby a toy rabbit for Easter, after running through a whole gamut of possible names for this rabbit it was decided that the best name was ‘Pie’.  Poor baby’ll be damaged for life when she realises the implications behind it!!!
Danni told us a joke:
“Why did the skeleton cross the road?  To go to the shop” 
Try again Dan.   Have you guessed what it should be yet?
“Why did the skeleton cross the road? To get to the Body Shop”.  Haha
The baby slept for the whole two hours we were in the park and woke up as grizzly as a bear. C’s beginning to feel like she’s been short changed in the baby department and wants to trade her in for a more cheerful version.  The teeth that have been causing all the problems are almost on the point of breaking through the skin, so  she should have her pleasant baby back in a couple more days (hopes).  
DIL came to blood donors with me this afternoon,  the only one of my family I haven’t emotionally blackmailed into going at some time or other.   When we went in she was whisked away to see a nurse while I handed a pint glass half full of water and told to drink it. I’d only just finished a large glass of juice at G’s house, cripes!  They really shouldn’t be doing that to middle aged women if they want us  to complete the donation without us needing to run off to pee half way through!!!  DIL wasn’t allowed to donate as she’s susceptible to migraines and donating blood can bring one on. She was so disappointed. As it turned out it was probably a good call as C, who’d been babysitting L & D,  phoned just as I’d got off the bed to say that all hell was breaking loose with the baby and we needed to get back asap.
L & D are staying here tonight, for no good reason other than they wanted to. We’ve just watched, ‘The Little Mermaid’  I love that film!!!  Tomorrow, I’ll walk their legs off again before returning them to their mum.  After that I REALLY need to get on with my final college assignment, it has to be in on the 27th and I’m not exactly cracking on with it. It’s be awful to fall at the last hurdle.
Last night after B got home from his journey we just sat and chatted before having a relatively early night.  As B was leaving for work this morning he said something about us forgetting to shut the hens in before we went to bed.  As I was still asleep I responded with something like “bluuuuurrrgh  hhhmmfff”.  
Half and hour later his words sank in properly as I was walking down the garden to let them out. ” Oh, crap” I thought as I called their names and no one appeared, normally they come running like dogs when they hear me coming. I called and called but still nothing.  I stood in front of the hen house, not wanting to inside for fear of what I might see, still calling out and still getting no response.  Then, Stumpy appeared from nowhere, I’ve never been so pleased to see the aggressive little sod in my life!!  Still, that was only one out of five and normally they stay as a group. I put her food down for her ( I bet she was thinking ,’cor, what a lot today, I’ll never eat that lot’) and steeled myself to take a look inside the coop.  First I opened the top hatch slightly and peeped quickly inside. Nothing. Then I went to the door and opened it a fraction. Still nothing. Ok, nothing else for it, I opened the door fully and stuck my head inside.  Three eggs but no hens, dead or alive. My fear was that they’d all been carried off by the foxes but it seemed odd that I hadn’t heard any rumpus and usually foxes would kill all the hens but leave some of them to collect later. Strange.
At that very moment all the missing hens came round the corner one at a time, cackling like they were saying “April Fool!!! Serves you right for forgetting about us!”   I was so relieved I could have bought a round!
Talking of chickens, I bypassed my usual budget supermarket today in favour of Sainsbury’s so I could buy some chicken that I could eat with a clear conscience. The plan was to get some free range chicken breasts to make a  stir fry or something but it was as expensive to buy just the chicken breast as it was to buy a whole chicken so I did that and we had a lovely roast dinner tonight. I wasn’t so upset about leaving my hens to the mercy of the foxes that I couldn’t enjoy a nice chicken dinner. 
C and the girls played with that brilliant cornflour and water mix that goes solid when you pick it up but melts if you open your hand. Know what I mean? If you don’t you must try it, especially if you have kids, it’ll keep ’em amused for ages. Just mix together cornflour and water till it has a consistency of custard.  Then squeeze it into balls and different shapes, it’s good gloopy fun for kids. 
 As they were playing there was this sound like someone playing a recorder very gently. Everyone looked at me. I looked at everyone else. It seemed to be coming from everywhere.  Then it happened again,  I walked round the ground floor to investigate. No joy.  This eerie, musical sound continued, sometimes getting a bit louder but mostly a soft and gentle tune.  C looked at me worriedly and the girls looked like they were about to cry.  I went upstairs and the sound went away. Ok, so it’s definitely coming from downstairs.  Back downstairs I went as the ghostly tune continued.  Just then I heard a large gust of wind outside – and the ghostly tune got louder. Aha!!  I went to the window and opened it – and the noise stopped, closed it again and it started again.  That’s never happened before, the wind must have just been at such an angle as to be able to whistle through and create a musical sound.  I had to open and shut the window several times to prove to everyone that it wasn’t a ghost – just the wind. Honestly, they’re so dramatic!!  I’m glad it didn’t happen in the middle of the night, it would have scared the hell out of me!


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