I’m so ashamed….


For the first time ever I gave guests to my home a shop bought meal. I’m so embarrassed!!  Even more so as it was actually horrible and loads of it got left. Oh, the shame!!!
The  family get together went ahead as planned yesterday, I’d toyed with the idea of cancelling it but I didn’t want to because we don’t get together often enough, we’re always all too busy. I popped out to get more supplies for the task of feeding 8 of us. Normally I would throw together a huge lasagne or something equally simple with no trouble at all along with a starter, a couple of salads and a dessert.  As I was feeling awful due to the impending arrival of the cold that’s been threatening for a couple of days, I stood in the middle of the supermarket with Bob, desperately searching for the energy to get my act together and collect all the stuff I needed for the meal and failed dismally. I stood in front of the cook/chill meals and said, ” I can’t give ’em that – I have to cook a proper meal – but I caaaaaaaan’t – I haven’t got the energy.”  Bob took control of the situation and picked up two, large, ready made lasagnes and put them in the trolley, along with garlic bread and some potato skins with sour cream for a starter. I was so grateful he took the decision away from me. All I had to do was knock up a couple of salads and warm everything else up. Cooking at it’s best! Not.
The potato skins were actually very good, I made a tomato and feta salad as well as a caesar salad to go with them.  But the lasagne. Oh, the lasagne – two huge containers of tasteless slop!  I hadn’t bothered to make a pudding so there wasn’t even a consolation prize!  Actually, there was a bit of a consolation prize, I ‘borrowed’ some of Neil’s bavarian chocolate coffee. Very nice.  G had brought along some chocolates so we had them in lieu of dessert.
I don’t know if it’s a mother thing or a British woman’s thing but I felt awful that I hadn’t made everything myself. I remember being told once that guilt is the English woman’s disease, and I think it’s correct. How stupid that I should be beating myself up for not being able to cook a full blown meal when I’m not well. Get a life, woman!!!
Thankfully, everyone left early to go off to their respective houses to watch the new series of Red Dwarf.   I sprawled on the settee and swore at ” Dancing with the Stars’, I really need to stop watching that programme, it’s not good for my blood pressure.  Last night a couple danced a viennese waltz. Ha! Viennese waltz? They actually danced a mere 8 bars of music ( including changes) as the waltz, the rest of it was spent poncing around the floor wasting time. It’s a dance competition, bloody well dance the dance!!!!  Inconsistent scoring,  poor editing, buggering about – oooh, it made my blood boil!
An early ish night followed. I invited Bob ( aka Mr Snory) to sleep in the spare room – or be thrown out of the window – the choice was his.  He opted for the spare room.  In the early hours I got up to go to the bathroom and I could hear Bob and Neil in their respective rooms snoring in unison. It was like listening to an Oom-pah band.
This morning I woke coughing my brains out.  I decided that trying to sleep any longer was pointless so I was up well before 8.  Many paracetamol later, I’m almost feeling human.   We decided that a stroll round the park may be just the thing. I took my compact camera with me just in case – you never know what you might find to photograph.
Some readers of this blog will be immediately transported back to childhood by these pictures. Do you recognise it yet?  (I felt like Rolf Harris then!)

This is a park where I spent many happy hours as a child, Corporation Park in Blackburn.   The conservatory is now closed to the public but still has all the plants inside it.  

The picture below was created by  the reflections and patterns made in the shattered glass of the conservatory windows.

I like the ghostly looking figure looming in the background on the left hand side like it’s ready to pounce.
There was another picture I wanted to show you but it won’t load successfully on here – it just looks blurry and out of focus when actually it is a really nice example of contra jour lighting and bokeh.  I’ll see if it looks any better on flickr and post a link for you.  
Here it is.

One thought on “I’m so ashamed….”

  1. You were dead right – I recognised it immediately from the first photo and it took me right back to our teenage years! It really hasn’t changed at all! Bravo Lesley (and the ghost, and of course, the camera!)

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