Bursting with pride

What’s the point of being a photographer if you can’t take few pics of your own grandchildren to show off every now and then.  C and me were wedding planning (ie C was planning – I was paying) this afternoon and the baby was being cute (briefly). I had about 2 minutes to do this shoot.  I’ve tinkered about with the pics in Lightroom using the presets. The close cropped pic was done in photoshop.  
Aaaww, ain’t she cute?

Time to toot my own trumpet (tooty toot  tooooooottttt-ah!!!)
Yesterdays wedding fair was really busy, as we suspected, people are leaving things till the last minute befor booking. We had some fantastic positive results AND….  look at this!!!!!!!

I was asked a few weeks ago if I would submit some pics for consideration in the magazine. I sent a few files over and didn’t hear anything else till yesterday.   It’s not all good though – I sent low res files for consideration with a note to say if they chose any images I’d supply full res. You’ve guessed it. They used the low res files. AAAGGHHHHH!!!

My pics are ok – ish, they could be better quality but they aren’t pixelated or anything, some people must have sent 72 dpi files – and they’ve printed them – and they look terrible.  The front cover was supposed to be matt with spot uv on the text but it’s all been done in matt. The organiser was distraught because it wasn’t exactly as it should be but it looks ok, my bit does, anyway!.

I have a coupe of pics inside the mag as well, and a half page ad.

My students at college today have suddenly realised they have an awful lot of work to do in the five weeks they have left.  They are all getting stressy about their interviews for university and need advice on their portfolios. I can honestly say – they have NEVER been so attentive. I could get to like it!  One of the students needed some post production work on an image so I spent a few minutes with her on photoshop.  After we’d finished she turned to me and said ( I’ll delete the expletives), “I’ve learnt more in that 10 minutes than in the last two years.”  It seemed she wasn’t totally impressed with the assignments she has been given in one of her classes. Some people who read this know what I’m talking about.  Not just us then!

On the way back from college I saw a rabbit that had been run over. All that was left of it was this huge pair of bunny ears sticking up from the tarmac, they were beautifully backlit by the bright sunlight.  I know it isn’t funny but in a sick sort of way it really was. Am I a really bad person?


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