Here are a few pics from our walk tonight through Roddlesworth woods and reservoir. I’ve played around with Lightroom split toning on couple of them.  The pics aren’t as good as they could be because there isn’t really any time to stop and think about them, it’s a case of grab them and (literally) run to catch up. It wasn’t so much a brisk walk as a reasonably paced jog and those who linger get left behind.   Now I know where to go I can go back and get some better pics when I have time to breath. There was a gorgeous carpet of bluebells I’d have loved to photograph but it wasn’t going to happen tonight!!!! The light was a bit pants anyway.  I wonder if Bob might be up for a walk tomorrow evening…. ( ha, don’t hold your breath)

It was a much easier walk this week, there was only the once when I thought I was going to expire, and that was almost at the end. Thankfully, the rain held off, I took my waterproof keks anyway and wore them in my breast pocket. Right, off for a shower now – I’m very muddy and I stink!


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