new week – new start

It’s such a relief to see the back of last week, yesterday was no better – though somewhat less traumatic than Friday which went off the scale.  Last night I was on babysitting duty. As O has measles we decided it would be better if I went to them rather than they staying the night with us. Bob decided to come with me and then C decided she’d come as well as Ol was going out with the lads.  So much for keeping the measles contained then, we worked on the basis that as the baby’s already infected and we’ve all been in very close contact over the last week the damage has already been done.
B went to get us a takeaway and C and me polished off a bottle and  half of cabernet sauvignon, very nice it was too.  So basically what we did was send P & G out for the night and had a party in their house. The kids munched away happily on the goodies I’d sneaked in for them and we snuggled up and watched Britain’s got Talent, followed by a programme about old TV adverts.  That was hysterical!!!  Remember the Smash advert with the Martians?  “They peel them with their metal knives, boil them for 20 of their minutes then they smash them all to bits.”  Hee hee, brilliant! Then we saw the Shake and Vac advert.  Go on – I bet you still know all the words to the song.  Lots of laughter and chat – my idea of a good night in.
The film P & G went to see is apparently brilliant.  There is the clip for it in the next post – I’d intended to put it in this post but, hey ho it gave itself a whole page to itself.
As we were driving home last night we noticed that the moon was enormous, when we got in I grabbed a camera and got a few shots. Bob hadn’t realised I was outside so he locked me out. Ha, that caused him a bit of consternation when he couldn’t find me – he searched all over the house while I was outside snapping away oblivious to everything except the ginormous moon.  I read on the news website the other day that Mars is going to get really close to the earth this summer and could be as big as the moon in the sky for a short while, That’ll be interesting.
Here’s one of the pics from last night.

When I woke up this morning I realised that the bloody awful howling gales of the last week have finally stopped. It’s calm and peaceful outside not even the smallest breeze.  It was so peaceful I was inspired to get my camera and do a bit of shooting in the garden, still in my jammies, so it’s a good job the nearest neighbours are a fair way off.

The horses were turned out into the fields a couple of weeks ago, just in time for the bad weather. This chap came for a look at was I was doing, I bet he’s even more grateful than me for a respite from the weather.
It might surprise you to know that these flowers don’t really look like this – I played about with them in Lightroom
I hadn’t noticed how the leaves had changed colour on this plant – isn’t it gorgeous?
Bottoms up!  The hens were happy to not get blown about when they had their breakfast this morning.
It’s a bit weather beaten but aren’t the colours fanstastic?
Even the grass looked nice this morning – now I want a macro lens, and, and, and, and…. such a long shopping list for camera kit!

The horse followed me around as far as he could, wondering what I was doing.

I think this is cow parsley. I could very well be wrong. Pretty though, isn’t it?

Even the cat posed for me!

It’s a cathartic process, taking photos, almost meditative, I always feel loads better about everything when I’m doing it. Today I’m going to have another go at getting into the woods to photograph the bluebells, so far it’s all looking good.

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