Summer rain

Half my blog entry disappeared!!!  Before it was rudely deleted, by who or what I can only imagine, I was saying that this afternoon I  went out to shoot some flowers in the rain.  It’s finally stopped being windy and cold and decided to rain instead but it’s ok because it’s lovely soft summer rain and I really enjoy being out in that. Unlike being out in the wind which just annoys me.  The flower pictures, and the water droplets on them were rubbish so I won’t bother to post them. As it was a bit gloomy I made a reflector and noticed it looked really nice when it had some rain on it so I took a few pics of it (sad but true) with really shallow dof, the last pic is of an oily puddle. Two minutes of mad professor processing in Lightroom and here are the results:

Not bad eh? If you like that sort of thing (I do).
N’s got a working shift interview this evening at a hotel in Bolton, and another one early next week a bit closer to home. Fingers crossed.
On the house front, B phoned me yesterday to say a chap who has the industrial unit round the corner wanted to come for a look at our house straight after work. Of course the place was a tip so I put him off for an hour. I ran round like a mad woman to make it all look pretty and the sod never came!!    I know he’s interested though and he’s looking into raising funds so again, fingers crossed (when you run out of fingers, use your toes).
I went to do a recce at the hotel I’m working at tomorrow because I’m a bit nervy about this particular bride and groom, they seem to be micro managing everything- to the point of giving me pictures of the people I’m supposed to photograph, where when and how to do it.  I felt better after looking round the hotel and chatting with the wedding planner, I’m not the only one being micro managed so I know it isn’t just a lack of confidence in me and B.    I do believe they’ve even told God that the weather has to be fine, the forecast for tomorrow is for sunny periods. There won’t half be trouble if it rains!!! I do think events can be over managed, it’s far better to let the people you employ just get on with what their being paid to do, they do, after all, do it all the time. The b & g will be better just relaxing and letting the day unfold in front of them, if they run round managing everyone and everything they won’t enjoy it and that would be tragic after all the build up.  Chill, babies!!!!

These are some of the other pics that I’m not so keep on, they’re a bit ho hum – must try harder.


3 thoughts on “Summer rain”

  1. The first one reminded me of the surface of the moon! Loved the oily puddle, and the last one of the ho hums I really liked! No accounting for taste! Have a good wedding, don’t work too hard!

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