more piccies

I’m getting the pictures out of sync, now. Here, in order are:
The view on the way to the Brinksdal Glacier

View from the road in Olden

View from the ship when an Italian liner came alongside, I think we nicked their parking space as we arrived a day early.
The pier in Bergen (I think)
This is definitely Bergen, the view from the top of the hill. We queued for an hour to get on the funicular to discover that every other person in the world had done the same thing at the same time – it was mobbed – and we lasted about 5 minutes before heading back into town.
Camera envy and men who suffer from LMS (little man syndrome)
So, there I was on the poop deck jostling with all the serious photographers with their 5D’s and their Nikon blah de blah blah’s when I asked this little chappie if I could just sneak through for a second and get a picture. He looked at my compact camera and he actually sniggered . Sniggered!!!  Well, excuse me matey but it’s the photographer that gets the photo not the camera!!  

There was definitely a lot of camera envy going on, I can only assume that some of these chaps had a big camera to compensate for inadequacies in other areas.  I could have hit him with my 1D but I’d left it in the cabin (sorry, that was my bit of camera snobbery, couldn’t help myself).  I think it’s sad that some (absolutely not all) of these chaps  (and it was all men)  try to intimidate those who’s camera isn’t as good as theirs into keeping out of the way, as well as assuming that anyone wielding a  compact camera must be a poor photographer. Pah! It was a holiday cruise for goodness sake, if you want to be so serious about your photos then go overland and explore the area properly. There. Rant over. The pictures in the previous post are the ones I took while all this was going on.  

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