So, there I was lying in the field

on my stomach and taking pictures of the grass backlit by the sun 

when I looked up and there were two sodding great horses inches away from my head!!  One wrong move and my brains could very well have ended up all over the field.

As it happens, I wanted to get pictures of the horses, that was why I’d gone out in the first place really. The trouble with horses is that they are very nosy and friendly so they stayed with me most of the time and didn’t get into a position where I could get any decent, backlit pics of them. I tried siting still till they got bored and walked away – but they didn’t. I lost interest before they did.

The pic below is taken from the top of our field, B’s in the garden, in the bottom left hand side of the pic, fixing the mower,  isn’t the view across the moors lovely? 
The horses decided to have a little cuddle while they were waiting for me to do something interesting like feed them an apple or a mint. 

While I was driving to college this morning I was in a queue of traffic heading into town when I saw a woman in a car heading in the opposite direction decide to check her make up in the rear view mirror.  I noticed her because she suddenly sat bolt upright and then leaned quickly over to the left and as she did it I thought she looked just like a meerkat. Kept me amused for minutes!
Image from:
I’ve decided that our satellite navigation jobby has a sense of humour. Setting off on a journey, it told me to turn left.  The second I did as it said, it told me to turn around when possible. I bet it was having a little chuckle to itself as it literally led me round the houses. Outfoxed by a machine! Damn!

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