cor, look at that!!!

This is a pic of the ship when we stopped at Olden, handy that, stopping next to a petrol pump!!!  Haha!  I’ve posted more pics on Flickr today so go and take a look if your’e interested. Link on the left.

Yesterday Eleanor got a bit of a shock.  I held her up to the mirror and she looked and smiled at the other baby in the mirror as she always does. Then she stopped, frowned, looked at me in the mirror, twisted her head almost off so she could look at me in person, looked in the mirror again, looked at me again and then let out a huge chuckle. I think she had realised for the first time that the baby she’s been seeing in the mirror was her. Aaahh!! How nice it must be to be six months old and having all these first experiences.

She had her first samba lesson this morning, she had a whale of a time as we boto fogo’d and samba walked around the room. John, our teacher thought we’d gone a bit nuts but – you gotta start ’em young!!!!!  
Went to the college ‘after PGCE’ session yesterday, I wondered what it would be about and I soon found out – it was to sell us the MA course.  Noooooooooooo!!!!  I’ve just done six years at college – no more pleeeeeeaaaaaase!!!
Got to go, taking N for another interview in a mo – fingers crossed!


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