Well fancy that!!!!

I was getting annoyed because the spacing option disappeared ages ago and I couldn’t work out why. After posting the last entry I had a click round to see what I could find and, hey presto, spacings back!!!!!

I’ve a feeling it’s going to be a long evening – loads of work to do but nil motivation to do it. Sigh.

Here are a couple of pics from some recent wedding s to keep you (me) amused.  

I love this first pic, everyone in it is so happy and huggy – makes me feel all warm and fluffy. It is also one from my favourite wedding to date, it was one of those days when everything just fell into place. Perfect.


This was the bridesmaid at a recent wedding and her husband, aren’t they lovely?

Three brides – no photographer, magic!

Nice moment
Even nicer moment, bride and sister having a quiet hug

I took the rings outside to put them on the cherry blossom tree I’d seen – what I had’t seen was the grate –  until after I’d finished shooting. I came out in a cold sweat when I saw it, if I’d have dropped the rings they’d have been straight down it there.   That’s the stuff nightmares are made of!!!

OK, that’s enough chuffing about. Get some work done, woman!

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