I overheard someone say the other day that I needed a good Facebooking. ‘Really?” I thought, I’d better get on with it then.

So I set about getting myself Facebooked. Since then I have been getting Facebooked several times a day by all sorts of people, old ones, young ones, male and female, some I barely know and others I know really well. It’s exhausting!!
That’s not what they meant?
What do you mean………..?
Got to be honest her – I really don’t see the attraction of Facebook, it’s all nonsensical drivel. Not a bit like this blog. Haha!!!
So, moving swiftly on. B and me went for a ride round Withnell and Brinscall last night looking for houses. I’ve decided, having walked practically every inch of it in the last couple of weeks that that’s where I’d like to live. It was really funny because B kept saying, ‘and you walked here as well?” I don’t think he realised how long these walks are and how much ground we cover.

The plan was that after the ride round we would go for a short walk along the nature trail, nice and flat (ish) and no stiles to climb. B doesn’t really understand the concept of walking just for fun. As we set off he said to me “so you parked the cars over there, even though you were starting the walk from here?’ Then he laughed at our stupidity!!! Yeah, but, Bobby, it’s a walk. The clue’s in the name.
We ambled through the wood for a few minutes and then I got into trouble for walking too fast. Sigh. We walked for a total of 12 minutes before he wanted to head back, of course it didn’t help because it had started to rain. This masterplan to turn him into a walker is definitely not working. Neither is the healthy eating and get fit campaign. It was doing ok till we went on holiday then it was abandoned and never picked up again. Sigh.
What is it about horses? You can put them in the biggest field ever and they’ll still almost break their necks trying to reach the grass on the other side of the fence? We saw this chap last night as we were on our way home.

Friendly as ever, he came over to say hello.

Today’s task is to help O & C fit their new grass. They didn’t want to be bothered with cutting, mowing, weeding or indeed any element of gardening really so they invested in some astroturf. All well and good. The problem is that the chap who was supposed to fit it has obviously decided he can’t be bothered and has priced it so high that it’s unmanageable £700 – £800!!! They were told £60!
Enter Supermum and Superdad!!!!!!!
I wonder if B & Q have ‘how to’ leaflets on fitting fake grass?

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