Midnight at the oasis

Liv and Danni were promised a picnic on the field but as it’s done nothing but whizz down with rain all day I thought that might not be the best idea. Having a picnic inside is a bit boring so I needed a better idea. Got it!!

Make a tent!!!div>

I brought the garden umbrella in and made a tent out of it. A bit of window dressing later and we had a bedouin tent that wouldn’t look out of place in the sahara, all we were lacking was a couple of camels to spit at us as we went in!! The candles are all electric tea lights, perfectly safe to leave on with kids around. I think they liked it. The trouble is they want me to leave it up for when they come and stay on Friday, that’ll give my clients something to talk about when they come tomorrow!

Liv, Danni and Carla were a bit bemused by it all
I made some food to go with the setting, couscous, feta cheese, lamb burgers, meatballs in tomato sauce and er…..sausage rolls. Amazing what the kids will eat when it’s presented to them differently

me and Carla had a glass each of, ahem, arabian wine (white wine spritzer to you and me).

Off to the exhibition now.

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