It’s no way to start the day

Dawn broke this morning with a loud crack that woke me with a start. Or maybe it wasn’t dawn breaking that woke me up but the sound of B snoring. I invited him to try out the very comfortable bed in the spare room – only not in so many words. Off he went and I got a couple of hours peaceful kip before the radio alarm came on.
Having successfully made up my lost sleep I went to bounce out of bed like the spring lamb I am when I tumbled into a heap on the floor as cramp attacked my poor leg, sending it into spasm and left me howling in pain. It was a good half hour before I could even move without having to step on tippy toe on the offending leg.
Of course being Thursday we had a dance lesson at 8.30 so once again I hobbled round the floor like an invalid while I feebly attempted to dance the samba. We are going to a dance demonstration in Cardiff to watch the All England champions, Craig Shaw and Natasha Manderson, in a couple of weeks. I was hoping that by then we would have got our samba far enough up to scratch again to be able to go public with it but it aint going to happen. Lack of practice for all sorts of reasons as well as injuries, coughs, colds and sniffles have all taken their toll. Oh well, we always forget all the steps when we dance in public anyway and end up looking daft. Probably better off sat down!
The exhibition at college last night was hard work. It was mobbed!!!! It’s always busy but it was stupidly busy last night. One visitor dropped a glass of red wine all over some students’ workbooks – and then just walked away and left it!! Good job I saw it happen and was able to get a clean up operation started before too much damage was done. The poor students went white when they discovered what had happened. A wail of “it better not be mine” went up from almost every one of them simultaneously. It was too busy even to be able to look at any of the work on display, and with L & D with us as well it was twice as difficult so we ended up not staying too long. Nice to see a few of my old classmates though. I think I’ll go back next week when it’ll be a lot quieter and I can have a proper mooch round.
I had a pr job to shoot this afternoon for a new business, not very exciting but it all helps. After that I went to C’s for a while. As I had my camera kit with me I took the opportunity to take a few pics of E and the new kitten.
If you want to drastically improve a baby’s hand/eye coordination I recommend that you get a kitten. Every time it goes near her, and with unnerving accuracy and speed, she grabs it’s tail and attempts to eat it. The poor kitten has ended up upside down and in the baby’s mouth a few times when we haven’t been quite quick enough to grab it before the she did. As you can see, the baby and the kitten are getting on famously. I can feel a future Bonny and Clyde relationship here, just like C had with our cat, Java when the were both little, always looking for trouble to get into together.

While I was trying to get a few pics of the cat it was running round like a whirling dervish and most of the pics I took are rubbish. C picked up my camera, complained about how heavy it was and then proceeded to take some amazingly good pics of the cat. These are her pics below. Good eh?


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