Midsummers Day

Well, here we are again, midsummers day, the longest day of the year- and it’s pouring down. Not that I’m feeling a bit negative or anything but- we’re on our way back to bloody winter now and summer hasn’t started yet!!!

As we were on our way to the cinema yesterday in the lashing rain, we kept passing all these summer fetes. What a shame, all the work that goes in to organising these events only to be let down by the weather. People were still turning up though, dressed in souwesters and wellies. Ah, the joys of an English summer! Your strawberries and cream just don’t taste the same when you’re wearing wellies.

No plans for today other than to relax. The Merchant of Hoghton farmers market is on today at Hoghton Tower. So we may take a mooch over there. During the summer they have some really nice events on. There is one on the 12th July that I think the kids will enjoy. Take a look here.
I shot a wedding there once, a couple of years ago. Fabulous venue. The grooms family was Italian and had come over ‘specially for the wedding. Getting pics his mum was hard work. I kept trying to get her into group photos and she just kept repeating, “Antonio Mama,” to me and wouldn’t budge. I know you’re Antonio’s Mama, I thought, that’s why I want you in the bloody picture!!! Eventually I gave up and shot candids of her from a distance and ended up with some really nice images. Talk about language barrier. Sheesh!!!
Bob hasn’t surfaced yet. It could be some time before he does, the poor guy is shattered. he’s had a really hard week at work, and another hard week in front of him. He’ll be needing another holiday in no time. Isn’t it funny how you come back off a holiday thinking that you’ll ease your way back in to work gently and not get stressed then within a few days you’re back on top note. Something wrong there, I think. Today really needs to be a day of rest.
So, thats the plan for today, relax, mooch, eat, watch telly and relax some more – and if anyone asks us to babysit the answer will be a short, sharp NO!

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