share and share alike

Went for a walk in the park this afternoon with Carla, the baby and my friend from college, Maddy. It was very hot and humid – and only a matter of time before it rained but of course none of us were dressed for it, summer clothes and sandals all round. Luckily we made it back to the car before it started – just!!

We were in one of my favourite haunts – Witton Park.
There was a school sports day on. God, how I used to hate annual sports day, annual purgatory day more like! It doesn’t look like it’s changed much since I was at school. We sat and watched for a while, glad not to be involved in any way, shape of form.

E and C were looking for a photo opportunity – so they got it.

C got herself a sarsaparilla bar and E wouldn’t take her eyes off it, she clearly wanted a taste. Eventually she made a grab for it so the next few minutes were spent tussling for control of the sweetie! They did eventually come to a compromise and shared it for a minute.

Carla and Eleanor sharing a sweetie
When I got home the hens were staking out the house, four were positioned at the front door to keep an eye on who might be going in or out of the house and one was positioned at the back door, ready to alert the others if I tried to get into the garden without being seen and therefore chased for food. I didn’t think that hens had that much organisational ability! Amazing!
I’ll get B to take some photos of them chasing me down the garden. Every time anyone appears they think they are going to get fed. Hence the staking out. Oh no!! Now they know where I live!!!!

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