Pics from the Crypt

Some of you regular readers have seen these before so you can just ignore them. I dug them out of the crypt for you to take a look at.

Why is this underlined? I didn’t do that – another blogger Friday night quirk – They must be on the falling down water in the blogosphere!!

Here’s a pic of my friend Jo. I shot it using a distorting mirror and coloured gels on the studio lights. They were taken for my final project on the ND course 4 years ago. 4 years!! Where did that time go?

These pictures are from a dance competition last year, this was the first (and only) competition they won. C’s partner, Vladimir was a great dancer, particularly good at latin. Shame they aren’t still dancing together.

Ha! Not underlined now – what’s going on?

Paso Doble

A ballroom dance – can’t remember which one

Another ballroom dance – still can’t remember which one, it looks foxtrotty (that is a word – I just invented it)
Tell me if you want to see any more pics from the crypt.

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