What a day!

It’s hot, hot hot. 30 degrees. I have been having three showers a day and squirting the contents of half a tin of deodorant on myself several times a day. I can’t have a functioning sweat gland left on my body as I’ve blasted them all to bits. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell my sweat glands, I think I’m going to melt clean away! Mind you, the deo is Aldi’s cheapo stuff so probably doesn’t contain much active BO bashing stuff.

My good deed for yesterday was to try and rescue an injured bird. It was sitting at the side of our track as I drove past, apparently unable to move and looking at me as if to say, ‘please don’t kill me.’ I searched the workshop for a suitable container to put it in, grabbed my gardening gloves and walked quietly back up the track to try and catch it before a local fox or cat did. As I approached the poor thing it tried to run away on legs that wouldn’t work and then started to flap wildly. Eventually it flapped enough to be able to take off for a short time until it landed in an ungainly heap in the middle of the field. I didn’t continue to pursue it because I could have been chasing it round the field all day so I reluctantly left it to fend for itself. I don’t know what I’d have done with it it I’d caught it, probably taken it to one of the neighbours down the lane who keeps birds.
I was quite proud of myself for even attempting to go after a bird, injured or not, as I’m a bit scared of them to be honest after an incident when I was a small child This hoofing great magpie took a liking to my shiny, blonde hair and decided it wanted it for itself and made numerous attempts to peck it straight off my head. The local allotment owner was alerted by my screams and managed to get rid of it eventually. It’s the stuff of horror films, that.
The thing that even struck me as funny on the day, shaken as I was, was that when I got home there was a brand new children’s programme just starting on TV. It was called Magpie!! I’ve just looked on TV heaven http://www.televisionheaven.co.uk/magpie.htm it was Tuesday 30th July 1968 to be exact. Go and take a look, it’ll bring back loads of memories.
It was a tricky decision yesterday, do the Wednesday 2 hour walk of not. It was so hot I could easily not have gone but I did, and so did my pal, Sue. The walk leader, a woman this week, said we’d take it a bit slower than normal as it was so hot. Ha. Slower? I didn’t notice – and we spent the first half hour walking uphill! I was exhausted. For the next few weeks we’ll be walking round Pleasington. Very pretty area. Hopefully next week it won’t be quite so hot and we can enjoy it. We got threatened by a cow at one point (no really, a bovine cow – not a chavvy cow). She had decided to sit, along with her new calf, right in the middle of the footpath, and who were we to argue with her? No – one, that’s who. We all made a very wide detour as she got to her feet and made it very clear we weren’t welcome. Just my luck that the man with the two dogs was walking next to me at that point so she paid special attention to us. Eek!!
Today has been horrible.
This morning I took my friend to her hospital appointment for a mammogram and biopsy. It must be a man who invented mammograms. If they had to insert their testicles into a machine that squeezed them till they thought they were going to burst I am bloody sure it wouldn’t take them long to find a less painful method of carrying out their investigations.

Not only that but once they had her boob squished in between these two plates until it was pancake shaped, they stuck a long needle and and took a biopsy, twice, because they missed the target the first time. Poor thing was positively shell shocked when she came out. All we can do now is pray that everything is ok.

This afternoon C and me had appointments to see the suit people and the florist. All hell broke loose at the factory and both of us ended up working there all afternoon, even Pen, who normally goes home at 1.00 pm stayed till 4.00. Thanks Pen. Still, job done, and the lorry driver who had to wait until the job was all finished thinks I’m wonderful because I made him a cuppa. Some people are so easy to placate! Son, P was off work this afternoon. Good call, I think.
On top of all that, my mobile phone has decided not to receive or send calls or messages, how useful is that? A phone that won’t make or take calls? I’m sure there must be huge market for useless phones. Not.
C had been going frantic trying to get hold of me as she thought I’d forgotten about our appointments, all she got was a recorded voice telling her my phone was turned off.
She gave me hell when she caught up with me especially since she hadn’t got any of my text messages telling her what was going on. Deep sodding joy!!
This evening? The sun’s still shining away, all the doors are open and I’m cowering inside. I’m not moaning though. I love the summer I just can’t sit in the sun. Later on when it cools down a bit we’ll probably go and sit in the garden with a nice chilled glass of wine. We deserve it.
Quelle journee!!!

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