Quelle journee – again

It would appear that yesterday was a big bag of poo for just about everyone.

P & G took Olivia to Manchester eye hospital for her annual appointment. It’s a horrible, old, grim place in the middle of Manc, a bugger to get to and the waiting room is hot, sweaty and horrible. I’ll let Paul take up the story (expletives deleted):

We arrived at 1:30ish and amazingly, we managed to get seen within 10 minutes! The shock! So that’s one 5 minute “specialist” visit out the way. We’re told to go to the other side of the hospital and get someone to put some pupil widening drops in Olivia’s eyes so she can see how much her eyes have changed in the last 6 months or so. Y’know, as there were no doctors actually about to do it themselves. This was about 1:50. So off we trot to the other department.

Gem went and took Olivia’s notes over to the desk and explained what needed to be done. According to the lady behind the desk, we weren’t due there until 2pm, and then another department weren’t due to see us until 3pm. “3pm?……
Anyway, after 15 minutes, a nurse comes along and administers Olivia’s eye drops and said we’ve been bumped to the front of the que. The drops take 20 minutes to work, and after 30 mins, the pupils start to revert back to their normal state. Hurrah! Everything actually went to plan! The other “specialist” had a look in Olivia’s eyes then went and made a prescription for new goggles. We are then told to take her notes back across to where we originally started and wait to see yet another “specialist”.

So at about 2:45 we’re back at the other bit of the hospital and are waiting patiently for someone to see Olivia, and actually tell us something useful. 3pm comes and goes, as does 3:30, and so it goes on until about 4:30 when Gem goes to the desk and asks ……whether we’re actually going to be seen. “You are booked to see the doctor but we don’t know when that’s going to be……”

So 5pm comes along and we’re actually called in to see a doctor, who obviously didn’t read Olivia’s notes and asked questions that she should know the answer to! 5 minutes later, we’re out and told to book another appointment! What…… a complete waste of an afternoon that could have been spent at work when we’re actually quite busy. And to top it off, we were stuck in Manchesters rush hour traffic, which meant we didn’t get home to well after 6:30pm.

The end result of this story is that G phoned the hospital today to complain about the last doctor they saw and got told that 30 other people had already beaten her to it!!!! Thank God it’s only once a year.

There was at least one bright spot in the day.

As C and me were walking through Debenhams in Preston on the way to our appointment we saw this display. Well! I know it’s hot and you have to keep your bits cool but flippin’ heck!

What about today then?

Not too bad at all. The weather has cooled down tremendously. The estate agent came to take some more photos because apparently our house is going to be featured in the local paper next week. They apparently can’t open the files I sent them and the last pics they took were garbage, all pixelated and really badly composed. I spent the whole morning styling the house to within an inch of it’s life

in an attempt to sell the sizzle rather than the sausage, I put a plant and a bottle of rose and two pretty glasses on the table on the back patio. Next doors horses came up to the fence at exactly the right moment to complete my image of rural heaven. I even put flowers on the table on the front patio to make it look all cheery and welcoming. It’s a shame that it started to rain just before the agent arrived. Dammit, I really could have done with just a bit of blue sky to match the lovely blue vase I put the lovely yellow and orange flowers in.

The agent came – and went within about 3 minutes. Not a great deal of time spent on composing exactly the right image then. Sigh. Should have done it myself, and would have done if I hadn’t been running out the door to yet another wedding appointment. This afternoon I made up a prototype table decoration according to C’s directions. Why oh why didn’t I photograph it before taking it all apart again so I could show the florist what we want rather than just try and explain it as we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Actually, I have an feeling I’m going to end up making them anyway as C seems to like the idea.

This weeks onions and Roses

As predicted the onion goes to Canon and their bloody hopeless customer service.

I contacted their customer services having got he phone number via the website. Phoned them up and after a looooong menu of options I finally got through to somebody who was obviously not in a talking mood as they picked the phone up and then put it straight back down – meaning that I had to go through the whole menu option rigmarole again, only this time seething with unvented rage. So, finally a non native English speaker answers. My God!!!! If you’re going to give someone a job in an English call centre then at least teach them the language they’re going to be using. After a very difficult ten minutes we had established what the issue was with the camera, I was given a reference number and told to expect an email with instructions on how to send the camera back to them for repair.

Two days later, after bracing myself for the call with a calming camomile tea before picking up the phone, I called them again to see where my promised email was. The, this time Scottish, person demanded to know what my reference number was and then said she would re send the email. On closer investigation it appears that the non native speaker had written my email address down incorrectly. Sure enough, the email arrived within minutes – and it directed me straight to the Canon customer service website page I started from, no further information, just the repair centre address and a number to ring (same number as the one I’d already been ringing. Talk about going round in circles. Huge stinky eye watering onion to Canon. Yah boo, sucks to you.

Lets talk about roses. I like roses.

This weeks roses go to H. Lehman in Stoke on Trent.

Having lost patience with Canon ( not to mention being concerned about the HUGE phone bill I must have run up), I contacted Lehman’s a well known camera repair outfit. What a difference. The chap on the phone told me how to send the camera, told me the costs per hour, E mailed me twice to establish exactly what the problem with it was, emailed a the bill and 4 days later, it’s fixed, serviced, sensor cleaned and on it’s way back to me. Brilliant!! Enormous bunches of red roses to Lehmans, Stoke on Trent, I love you (even though it was 300 quid!).


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