Everyone’s doing the happy dance (well, nearly)

Now that I’ve booked the ‘big jaunt’ for next year all of the family are ridiculously excited – all except me of course as I remain calm and serene at all times (bwaaahaaahaaaaa!!)

P has put on facebook that he wants it to be oct 2010 NOW as well as looking at the cruise details on the internet, working out exactly where his cabin is and taking virtual tours of the ship. Gem has already been out buying clothes (that’s my girl!!) and C has been looking on the internet for places to go swimming with sharks (again, that’s my girl!!) B has surprised me by researching how, where and when we can do the renewal of vows ceremony, and Neil, well, he’s just Neil. Me? I’m just enjoying the excitement and anticipation that has replaced the negativity of the last few days (she’s still in hiding incidentally).
My friend, Paul, another photographer who is shooting C & O’s wedding phoned me yesterday to ask if his band could practice in our barn as they prepare for a gig they are doing next week. As I write he’s moving the kit in. I’m quite looking forward to it. I have visions of enjoying the sunshine, sipping a Pimms and listening to them as they rehearse, it’ll be like my very own private performance. Let’s just hope that the building can stand the vibrations and doesn’t come crashing down on their heads, it’s a very old barn, you know!
Ellie said her first word yesterday. Who does all the hard work, middle of the night feeds, pacing the floor with them when they’re teething, cleaning up the mess, washing, worrying and nurturing? Mum, that’s who. What’s the baby’s first word? Dada. C was not impressed!
Son, Paul has taken to referring to me as ‘Moogie’ and I think it’s beginning to catch on. For those of you who aren’t geeks. The word ‘Moogie’ is from Star Trek and it’s the Ferengi (sp?) word for mother. Really, I ought to be insulted because the Ferengi are creepy little swindlers with sharp little teeth, ears like elephants and a brow furrowed like a sharpei but actually, I don’t mind it. It certainly sounds better than ‘Grandma’, not that I would ever let them call me that!!! Hell, it conjures up images of blue rinses, cardigans and flat shoes.
I’ve just realised I’m wearing a cardigan and flat shoes right now. Sod it.
Well, I’m still not going to be a grandma.
In our family grandma’s have always been called ‘Nanny’ not the more popular ‘Nana’ which I can’t stand. Ok, getting called Nanny means people think I’m the hired hand but it’s a small price to pay. Now Moogie, that gives no clues at all, does it?

Ferengi Moogie


Hhmm. Not seeing the resemblance myself. Well, ok, maybe the wrinkly brow thing – a bit, but not the ears, definitely not the ears. If you can see a resemblance then please be kind enough not to point it out – and if anyone says the ferengi looks better than me then you’re right off the Christmas card list!!!

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