Bowling (but not for soup)

Ha ha, anyone over the age of about 25 and a good few people under it have no idea what that title is about have you. Go on, admit it!

Shall I tell you? Bowling for Soup is a band, you probably wouldn’t like the music but just so you can decide for yourself – here’s the link to the Bowling for Soup website.
It’s been a good weekend for tenuous links what with Tit Willow yesterday and Bowling for soup today.
Today was the annual charity crown green bowling competition. It’s loads of fun and we go every year, to get a good humiliating from the people who play on a weekly, and for some I’m sure, daily basis. It’s always followed by a buffet and the of course the obligatory raffle. This year Ol won the prize that I donated, the herbal bath sachets I bought for Bob’s birthday. I won a photo album ( coal to Newcastle or what!!) and Bob won a candle holder and candle.

Eleanor wasn’t a bit impressed

My Partner, Harry closest to you, was a brilliant bowler, C’s friend Ben, further back had never played before and was an absolute natural, they even asked him to join the club!!

Me and Margo, both hopeless!

Then the sun shone!


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