Fab weekend

No weddings this weekend, surprisingly for July. What we did have though was a baby bump sitting. Aaaahhh! I love doing those, almost as much as I enjoy taking photos of teeny, tiny little babies. I’ll post some pictures of that for you when I’ve got them processed.

Here are a few images from Nick and Rebecca’s wedding. They were a funny, funny crowd. I mean funny haha not funny peculiar. I spent most of the day in fits of giggles, always a good thing. The wedding was in Chorley and the Reception was held at Camelot. Yup, the theme park. The reception was in the banqueting hall, all beautifully decorated, I expected a couple of knights in shining armour to appear at any minute (They didn’t though. Shame!).
Rebecca is absolutely gorgeous, the colour scheme was very unusual, the bride was in traditional ivory but the bridesmaids and the groomsmens ruches were in the most gorgeous royal purple satin. Fabulous. The bouquets picked up the ivory and purple and then softened the effect with some pretty pink roses.

Nick & Rebecca came over last week to pick their album photos. While we were chatting about the music they wanted on their slideshow they mentioned that they like Nothing Else Matters by Apocalyptica – Metallica. They were so impressed that I know it. Teehee. I don’t generally make it known that I’m a closet metal head!!
Last time I heard this piece of music was at our son’s wedding five years ago. The people who knew the music were very impressed at Paul & Gemma’s good taste – and the ones who didn’t just assumed it was a piece of classical music they hadn’t heard before. Every one’s a winner! Here it is on Youtube. Hope you enjoy it.

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