Then can we…???

What a busy 24 hours, do these kids never get tired? As I write, B is having a lie down to recover!

“Let’s have L & D overnight at the weekend, I said, – it’ll be fun.” Fun it was, non stop, bone wearying, where’s me bed, please stop I can’t stand any more, thank God they’ve gone home, type fun!!!!
Let’s see, what did we do first? Oh yes. Yesterday afternoon was spent making paper flowers and general crafty type stuff.

Then we had a spot of dressing up followed by a play involving a princess and some flowers.

Some of you may remember the dress that L is wearing, it’s my wedding dress. For those who don’t know, no, it wasn’t see through, this is only the top bit. Honest. That would have been a bit too risque for 1985! D decided to be a belly dancer – with cowboy boots. Hhmm, eclectic. They made the flowers themselves.

Big chief ‘Don’t mess with me’

I’d forgotten I was wearing this headdress and I went down to feed the hens who took one look at me and ran for their lives. Looking at this picture, I’m not bloody surprised, I was scared when I saw it!

A trek round the back field to collect the blackberries was folowed by a mad half hour or so of roly polying down the hill. It’s a few years since I’ve done that, I can tell you!

Chinese take away for tea, they loved the noodles but weren’t so keen on the chicken balls (poor chickens, lost their balls in vain). As it was such a lovely evening we sat outside for tea and C turned up just as we eating so she joined us for a bite to eat and a good old catch up chat ( it had been at least 2 hours since we’d seen her!!) After C left we had a karaoke, then we went for a walk round the moors before bedtime.

The kids were in bed exactly half an hour before us!

Almost the first sentence this morning when they got up was, “can we…….” “Probably best to let me finish my coffee first”, I advised. They amused themselves by writing a play for performance later. Of course we all dash off a quick play before breakfast, don’t we? Breakfast was eggs they had collected from the hens last night, toast and juice. A quick lick and a promise in the bathroom and they were ready for a trip to Turton Tower.

Liv had been before on a school trip and knew loads about it, she even knew stuff that our guide didn’t! Impressive. They didn’t manage to see any of the ghosts that we’d been told about. Phew!

Mrs Dowsons ultra yummy ice cream and a gingerbread man each kept them fully fuelled until we got home for a huge bacon butty. A text from my lil sister confirmed that she was on her way so the girls decided that they had to make her a card to congratulate her and wish her luck in her new house. They just about got that finished when P & G came to pick them up. Just after they left my sister turned up. Thank God she didn’t stay too long, we could barely stay awake, sorry sis 😦
A good nights rest will get us ready for round two (or is it three?) I discovered that there is a Lancashire country fair on a Samlesbury Hall tomorrow, it looks like a brilliant family day out so the whole family is going, I wonder if we will get a discount on the entrance fee because there’ll be nine of us? I wonder if we can manage to keep up the pace,? I wonder if I should drink more coffee – or maybe get some nuts from a hippy on a corner on a Saturday night?

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