Lancashire Country Fair

It’s been a good year for finding interesting places for family days out, this year. Today we went mob handed to Salmesbury Hall to the country fair. To be honest we weren’t expecting too much, well, what a surprise, there was all sorts of things going on. When we arrived we couldn’t get on the car park until the marching pipers had gone past, and it was woohoo from there on!

As we walked down from the car park towards the main house we passed all manner of exciting looking stalls and animals. Not to mention lovely, mouth watering smells wafting along on the gentle breeze. I was strolling along, hand in hand with L & D, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells when a large, dowager duchess type woman approached, thrust a paper bag into my face and demanded to know, in a very loud RP accented voice: “do you allow your children to eat sugary snacks?” I was a bit taken aback and replied that actually they weren’t my children, they were hers (pointing towards G) The woman then turned her attention to G who stepped backwards at the sight of this huge bellowing woman bearing down on her with a paper bag, which she again thrust forward while demanding to know, in an accusatory tone: “Do you allow your children to eat sugary snacks.” G managed to emit a weak negative answer at which the woman almost snorted, turned on her heel and walked away leaving us all gobsmacked. Gosh. That has been tickling me all day, every time I think about it I start to giggle as it was so bizarre!
Anyway, moving on. There was a jazz band who were wonderful, I don’t know what they were called but they were very jolly. The man with the umbrella just seemed to dance about it a bit, well, you have to dance when there’s live music on, don’t you? There wasn’t only these two chaps playing, there was about eight altogether and they played their little hearts out. Just next to where they were playing was the “Side Saddle Association’ stall, I had to have a try at sitting like a lady on the side saddle. I suppose it could be a useful skill if I ever learn to ride, (unlikely), or ever learn to act like a lady (equally unlikley, if not more so).

We saw owls, craft stalls, food, a hog roast with FABULOUS crackling. story tellers, dog obedience training, this, that, the other, and uncle Tom Cobbley and all. Brilliant! 

Carla went to watch the ferret racing and gave the winner a congratulatory kiss.

She wasn’t so keen on it when it bit her! I never realised, ferrets are REALLY smelly.

The girls wanted to listen to the story teller…. SOCKS, BOOTS…. ( you needed to be there!).

The story teller was great but no one told us the story was going to last three years! We all ended up with pins and needles and wet backsides from sitting on damp grass. The children’s magician, Mr Merlin was soooo funny, I was the only adult I noticed laughing though. Dammit, now you all know I have the intellect and humour of a four year old.

We didn’t hang around for the Punch & Judy show, never saw the attraction of re enacting domestic violence!! “That’s the way to do it”, WHACK!

Ellie and the barn owl sizing each other up.

Ellie and the pygmy goats, again loving it. The woman who owned the goats had them on leads, Carla and Ellie stopped them for a look and a chat but didn’t realise where they’s stopped them – right next to the retired greyhound stand!!! Half a dozen huge greyhounds were straining at their leashes quivering and practically foaming at the mouth trying to get to the goats!! Of course we were oblivious to all this until the man who was running the stall came over and pointed out what was going on and suggested it might be better if we moved!
Eleanor obviously takes after her Mum when it comes to her love of animals, she took such a liking to the police dog that it ran away from her!
We saw a kestrel as well as lots of other birds.

Then we went for a stroll round the gardens, as we saw the beehives I heard a little shriek from behind me and there was Sue, looking horrified and rooted to the spot. She’d already been hysterical when a wasp landed on her in the gardens, she let out a howl during the magic show which resulted in me laughing till my sides ached.

These gorgeous flowers made up the maze. To get lost in the maze you would need to be a teeny, teeny fairy, no more than 2 inches tall. As mazes go it probably wasn’t the most difficult I’ve ever done as I could step right over the wall of flowers – but it was certainly the prettiest!

We saw this duck taking her baby for a swimming lesson, it was sooooo cute.

We saw lots of other stuff as well, but far too much to put on here, I hope they do another one next year, it was a brilliant family day out. Just the job. Now I’m off for a siesta, I’m exhausted.

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