I’ve had an idea!!

Next time I say that just kick me, I’m shattered!!!

My idea to keep the kids amused for a morning was for them to build a set and then do a little performance which we could film. The day started easily enough, a quick rummage round the shed for paints and brushes followed by a trip to Matalan to buy frog green tights, a couple of lei’s, party blowers and some flowers.
Back at the studio I resurrected the remains of an old paper roll backdrop for them to paint just in time for Gem arriving with the kids. All the ideas on how they wanted the set to look flowed freely, when they had slowed to a manageable trickle we set about creating it while poor Gem was sent on errands here there and everywhere to get bits we needed, including C & E.
Then it was all hands on deck.
Is it me or does that left hand cloud look like a sheep with wings?

“Cool, a microphone, they never said it was a karaoke. …… I will surviiiiiiive oh yeah”

” Right, back to work, now, what was I supposed to do with that paint?”

Well, even Picasso had to start somewhere.

Tools down!! Lunchtime!!!

It’s ready!
“What’s that you’re hiding in your hand? It’s a spider, isn’t it? I know it is! You’re going to throw it at me aren’t you? I hate spiders!!!”

Happy frogs


2 thoughts on “I’ve had an idea!!”

  1. There's a job going here as children's entertainer!No wonder those kids love going to grandma's! You deserve a medal!

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