Paint, frogs and flowers – it’s all in a days work.

Every now and then it’s nice to have a little bit of family fun. I came up with an idea to keep the grandchildren amused for half a day at the studio. The idea was for them to build and paint themselves a set and then do a little performance in it which we could film. The day started easily enough, a quick rummage round the shed for paints and brushes followed by a trip to Matalan to buy frog green tights, a couple of lei’s, party blowers and some flowers. I have all manner of other props and fabrics at the studio so there was plenty of stuff for inspiration.

Back at the studio I resurrected the remains of an old paper roll backdrop for them to paint just in time for DIL arriving with the kids. All the ideas on how they wanted the set to look flowed freely, kids have amazing imaginations, I loved it. When the flood of ideas had slowed to a manageable trickle we set about creating the set while poor DIL was sent on errands here there and everywhere to get bits we needed, including DD and granddaughter No. 3.

Then it was all hands on deck:

Some were more easily distracted than others.

” Cool! A microphone! They never said we’d be having a karaoke.. I will surviiiiiiive oh yeah….”

” Right then, back to work. Err.. what was it I was supposed to do with that paint?”

Tools down! Lunchtime!!

” D’you know, I bet this painting’ll be worth millions in a few years.”

It’s finished!!
Time to bring on the frogs….

“what’s that in your hand. You’re hiding something. It’s a spider. It’s a spider isn’t it? I know it’s a spider. I hate spiders!!
And finally we had a happy(ish) band of frogs.

We ran out of time before we got everything done as we wanted to although we did a couple of quick practice runs through for the camera. Aaaaww it was soooo cute, it brought a tear to my eye. We’ll be doing the filming properly next week so I’ll post it on here for you as soon as it’s ready.

One thought on “Paint, frogs and flowers – it’s all in a days work.”

  1. Reblogged this on Tripping Over Pebbles No More and commented:

    I was having a browse through and this came up. The little green frog!!

    I tried to find the post with the video and it’s disappeared. It must have hopped off! Shame, that was a super cute memory but never mind, we still have these photos as a memento of the day.

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