Higham Scarecrow Festival

At a bit of a loose end today, and having seen a sign for it yesterday, we decided to scoop up a couple of grandchildren and have a ride over to Higham for look at the scarecrow festival. What a brilliant time we had. A look all round the village at all of the different scarecrows that people had placed in their windows, peeping out from behind net curtains, up ladders, in gardens and on the street. There were scarecrows everywhere. Brilliant fun.

Some were a bit more scary than others.

You don’t generally see many zulu’s round these parts

Crocodile ‘Undee’ gets my winning vote by far. So much effort had gone into creating this whole montage. Everywhere we looked in this garden there was something else to see, koalas up trees, snakes coiled round trees, crocs in the water, and of course Crocodile Undee himself. Amazing.
Tucked in bushes and up lamp posts were little scarecrows all over the village to add a bit of extra cuteness to the proceedings.

After a stroll round the village we went into the church hall for afternoon tea and cakes baked as only WI type women know how. Ok, I admit it, I went back for a second slice of the scrumptious victoria sponge. Our extremely well mannered and polite grand children charmed everyone they met. I was so proud of them I nearly burst (or maybe that was too much cake?).

Hyacinth Bucket, inviting us to join her for one of her candle lit suppers

D loved this one, given half a chance I think it would have gone home with her.

Silly Grandad, sticking the scarecrow down his trousers for safe keeping, I daren’t even ask where the other one went!?

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