Another fun filled day at the pleasure dome

P & G have been having car trauma’s. They’ve only had it three months and it’s rapidly becoming a car with character, not a good thing. Yesterday they found themselves sans car once again and G had to go into school to for a ‘training day’ ( big clean up after the building work) before the kids start back next week. As it was mad busy at the factory and P couldn’t really be spared for a day off I volunteered to take the kids for the day. I could get into this child care lark!
Thursday morning is when B and me have out dance lesson but as the factory is mad busy blah blah blah…. I went without him and took the kids. A quick word in our teacher’s ear later and my dance lesson had been assigned to the kids. They loved it. An hour of waltz and cha cha cha saw them all bright eyed and excited. Within about 30 seconds John had identified that L was a natural ballroom dancer and D, like me, has a natural affinity to Latin American dance.
What have I started???!!!!
Now they want to go to the Saturday morning dance class, and who’s taking them? That’d be me. All those years I took C for her lessons and after a break of a few years I’m starting it again with the girls. I know they’ll love it. If it turns out not to be a fad then I’ll get them dance shoes for Christmas. I may need to get me and B some as well as ours are falling apart.
After dancing we met up with C and we all went to Maccy D’s for brunch. Then it was off to the studio for some dress up photo fun.

D wanted to be a fairy

This is my favourite pic of the day

Family portrait pic

And another

L wanted to be the ice princess
L and me did an ice princess shoot a couple of years ago and it worked really well, the pics are on Flickr if you want to see them. I think she’s after doing the big ice cavern set build again and reshooting it, she enjoyed that. Maybe. Depends how much work happens between now and Christmas. (loads, I hope.)
P & G got the car back late yesterday afternoon, with a new quirk. Every time the turn the windscreen wipers on the headlights flash in unison with every sweep. It’s fair to say that you can’t miss them on the road now!!

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