Every one’s a winner

So – what can I post on here without compromising the privacy of my boudoir client? Tricky. We did a few close up shots of various bits in various stages of dress so here are the ones I’ve decided are safe to show you.

As I’m inclined to do I decided to shoot straight into the light to see what would happen – and this happened.  I like it!  


This  one is one of my favourites out of the whole shoot.   I’m not totally thrilled with it – the composition could be far better however, her expression and the angle of the hat make it work for me.  The flare is an element I worked hard to produce. After having it beaten into me at college that flare and glare are BAD things I now go out of my way to incorporate them into my work.

It was a fun shoot and I really enjoyed being challenged  to come come up with creative ideas on the spot, it gets the adrenalin going and we all know I’m an adrenalin junkie.

The down side is that I used just about every prop, light and backdrop and by the end of the shoot I was too exhausted to stay behind to clean up so I left it. Bad move. It took me an hour to clean up this morning, it looked like a bomb site.  Bloody feather boa’s, the feathers get everywhere. Vigorous sweeping doesn’t help either because they all just fly up into the air and land in another place. Eventually I gave up trying to sweep them up and picked them all up instead.

This afternoon I looked after Ellie while C went to work.  An hours walk into town to do a couple of errands, followed by a walk back to the factory then a drive home. It’s a sad fact that I’m quite enjoying watching Iggle Piggle on the telly and E’s a really good excuse to do it! Oh dear God, I’ve just confessed to enjoying toddler tv!

After that I decided that instead of taking her back in the car I’d walk, that was another hour’s exercise so I’m feeling a bit virtuous tonight.

E was back out our house this evening because C & O’s photographer came to see us.  He’s so good – honestly – he didn’t even bat an eyelid when I asked him if I could have the RAW files to do the album myself. He altered the package price accordingly and when he gave us the new price I complained about it.   I thought his price was too low and told him it needed to be higher so for a while we reverse bartered while B sat with his head in his hands in despair. Is that not how you negotiate then?

The thing is, the way I see it is that everyone has to come out of it feeling like they’ve got a good deal. Doing a friend a favour  and giving them a low price is fine until it’s 9.00 pm on the day of the wedding, they still haven’t done the first dance, you’ve worked 10 hours, you’re tired, hungry, peed off and you suddenly realise you’re making bugger all on the job because it’s at mates rates. Nah, it’s happened to  me many times and it’s not nice.  Everyone has to feel good about it.


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