SNEEZE sniffle cough

Snuffle snuffle. I may be wrong but I have the feeling there’s a nasty cold in the offing. Typical! B and me are away this weekend at a wedding in Newcastle that I’ve really been looking forward to. Better crack open the echinacea.

You know when something happens and you know you really shouldn’t find it funny?  Well…..

E and me were snuggled up in the corner of the settee when C was sat at the other end with her feet on my lap, all very cosy and chatting away happily. Next thing C screamed and leapt of the settee roaring, “that wasn’t funny. Ow, ow, ow, ow,” while hopping up and down.  ‘What the hell…?’ I thought, while E sat and giggled. It turned out that while we were chatting, E had decided that the wiggling toes on my lap had to be investigated and we all know babies investigate things by putting then in their mouth’s – and then  by clamping their teeth down really hard * (thinks)* don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh!

As the dancing bug takes hold, P,G, and Ol went for their first dance  lesson last night and much to everyone’s surprise the boys really enjoyed it. They treated me to a demonstration of their new found skills in waltz and salsa when they came home. Now the plan is out go for their lesson every Tuesday and then out for a meal after so they can make a whole evening of it. Who’s babysitting? Guess. G came home planning to go and buy dance shoes for the whole family, think she may change her mind when she finds out how expensive they are.  I’m really pleased they enjoyed it, apart from the fact it’s a good social skill to have, it’s good exercise and great fun and a brilliant excuse to go to Blackpool Tower ballroom.


C of course is only there to make up numbers as she is already pretty damn good.  I was watching her dance the tango last week at her lesson with John, it was amazing. Fair do’s though, she has been dancing since she was seven, it should be good after all the £££££’s we’ve spent on lessons and exams over the years. I’d be proper miffed if she wasn’t good.

Seems the blog has another new reader, Gosia from work. HI!!!!  Gosia has been watching all the goings on at the studio over the last week or two with interest. She’s modelled for me a couple of times, very  pretty girl – all eyes and cheekbones.

I’ve been a bit tardy with catching up on my work in the office this week. What with going out shooting, walking in the park with my friend Maddy and lunch with friend Jo, work has taken a bit of a back seat. Well, today it’s payback time. I have to catch up on the backlog. My accountant has been pestering me for the accounts so I’ll have to spend today bringing it all up to date. Not my most favourite job – I’m an artist ( flicks hair back dramatically),  not a mathematician!!!

Ok, that’s enough procrastination, time to get on with some work.  Have a nice day.

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