Don’t talk to me about meerkats

One of my tasks for yesterday was to sort out my car insurance. My renewal quote was ok but I reckoned I could do better so I trotted off to to do a few comparisons.   The best quote was for  £211 so I saved it and got on with some other work.  Going back to my quote later it had jumped up to £217.  Well, that rattled me for a start!  Going round the other comparison sights I found myself eventually at ‘compare the market’  Simples? I don’t  think so!!

Those bloody meerkats had me going round and round in circles on their website, asking for information and then telling me I’d filled the form in wrong, refusing to let me progress to the next page. After 6 attempts I gave up and went back to my original quote of £211/217 which had jumped again to £260 when it was time to pay for it. WHAAAAAT!!!!  Seems it had added on a couple of ‘extra’s’ that it thought I might like.  Finally working out how to remove the ‘extra’s’ I am now fully insured for the next 12 months. What a palaver.

Our Wednesday nights are becoming shorter and shorter as the nights draw in. We were finished by 7.45 last night and it was pretty much pitch black on the last part of the walk through the woods. Not that we work any less hard though. The walk leader seems to think that as we’re having a shorter walk we should work much harder.  How he manages to find these steep ascents and then practically run us up them like mountains goats is beyond me. We got to the top of one particularly steep bit last night and I had to lean against the wall for support as my legs were about to give way. I was worth it though as we were high enough to see the sun set over the sea. For those who don’t know, the sea is MILES away from here.

Looking forward to Saturday’s wedding slightly less now that I know we are sitting with about a dozen other microlighters for the wedding breakfast. The talk will be exclusively about flying with a little bit of talk about doodlebugs (still about flying, then)  and parachuting( yup, that’d still be about flying) thrown in for good measure.

A doodlebug
Source: BMAA

I suppose if you’re going to the wedding of one of the microlight worlds council bods then I suppose you can expect to see a few flyers there.  Was it Nancy Mitford who used to go through the letters of the alphabet to find topics to talk about at the dinner tables eg. A:  isn’t the apple crop wonderful this year?   Maybe I’ll try it to keep moving the conversation on.


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