New version of the Gideons bible?

You know how when you stay in a hotel there is always a copy of the Gideon’s bible in the bedside table drawer? Well, I was a bit surprised to find this  version of it  in the drawer at the hotel we stayed at on Friday night.

Haha!! I was going to say that I  bet thats raised a few eyebrows  for various guests but then I thought it probably wasn’t only eyebrows that were raised (titters like a 7 year old).

Today I discovered that my gorgeous grand daughter is in fact a genius. She instigated a game of peep-bo with Bob who took the bait exactly as she intended – and she’s not even 10 months old till tomorrow. Genius!!!  She wasn’t terribly sure about the kiwi fruit she had as an afternoon snack this afternoon after her walk in the park with me and B.


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