A cheeky postcard from Blackpool

We decided to go for a ride out to Blackpool yesterday to get in a spot of dancing at the  Tower.  WE soon changed our minds when we got there and realised that it was going to cost us £28 to get in and was only open for another two hours. Not exactly a bargain!

Instead we went for a walk along the prom…. tiddly om pom pom while we tucked into fish and chips from Harry Ramsdens.   It was mobbed in Blackpool yesterday, we couldn’t get over the amount of people walking up and down, probably because they couldn’t afford to do anything else, apparently one has to buy a wristband for £25 to get into the Pleasure Beach now, well that’s no bloody good for someone like me who likes to enjoy the sights sounds and atmosphere but isn’t a big lover of the rides. I’ll go elsewhere, thanks.  Still, it was nice having a wander round.  We walked form the north to the south pier.

We couldn’t resist this photo opportunity
People always stop and gawp when you’re on your knees taking a photo like this, I think they thought I’d dropped a quid!
The sun came out briefly, very briefly.
Smile for the camera!
So, that was yesterday. So much has happened since in a s.h.1.t hitting the fan kind of way involving, as normal,  the in laws to be from hell.  In my next life I’m coming back as a plant!!

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